About the IPPA

The Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA) founded in 1949 has been serving the interests of professional photographers and dedicating itself to the improvement of their standards in Ireland for over half a century.

Irish Professional Photographers Association members

The Irish Professional Photographers Association is a qualified Association and awards Fellowship (F.I.P.P.A), Associateship (A.I.P.P.A) and Licentiateship (L.I.P.P.A) qualifications to its members.

With practising members located throughout the country, the IPPA requires that members adhere to a strict code of conduct and carry out their business dealings in a professional manner.

The IPPA are members of the Federation of European Professional Photographers and are also members of the World Council of Professional Photographers and maintain close links to other associations in Northern Ireland, Britain, Europe and the United States.

By ensuring that you are dealing with an IPPA member, you are giving yourself the peace of mind and added security of a professional service provided by a qualified photographer.