Benefits of IPPVA Membership

The Irish Professional Photographers & Videographers Association is a qualified Association and awards Fellowship (F.I.P.P.V.A), Associateship (A.I.P.P.V.A) and Licentiateship (L.I.P.P.V.A) qualifications to its members.

The IPPVA website provides a platform to showcase your images and keep the public informed of your achievements and awards. Our members directory allows members of the public to search and locate your contact information. The website with an extensive resource of industry links will provide you with information and notify you of scheduled events as well as a range of support services and opportunities designed to keep you up to date with emerging developments in the photographic industry.

The Association is there to assist and support the general public in procuring the highest possible quality of professional Photography & Videograpy and therefore is willing to act as an impartial mediator between a member and his/her client in the event of a disagreement in order to resolve it and to promote goodwill.

The Association also offers you:

As a full-time professional photographer you can avail of preferential terms for: