Meet up in the WestOctober 8th, 2018

Venue: Menlo Park Hotel


An open invitation to all members for a meet up in the Menlo Park Hotel Galway from 10am until 1pm on Monday October 8th. I’ve invited Corin Bishop (the driving force behind the Awards System in the IPPVA) to attend and indeed give some feedback on images from attendees where requested. I visited Corin earlier this year for some mentoring and brought some images that I felt were strong images and indeed could have scored better than what the judges awarded during the awards process....after a few minutes discussing same with Corin and listening to his feedback, I began to see all the flaws that judges are trained to spot in images and indeed have begun to see images differently as a result. My time with Corin was entirely beneficial to me, and while this will in no way replace the benefits that are received on a one to one mentoring, it should none the less be beneficial to attendees. After some nibbles, I’d love to have a discussion with members about the possibilities of more regular meet ups. Anytime I’ve been at an IPPVA event, be it in the car traveling to a location with fellow photographers, or at superb training days such as the legends Joe McNally and David Hobby, I’ve come away from feeling energized.....not necessarily because of the quality of the presentations, but because of the camaraderie and chin wagging with people who live a similar life to me. With that in mind, I’d like a conversation to take place regarding same and see if there are similar desires from fellow members and if we can do something more regularly. 

Really hoping to see you on Monday 8th, John McMahon