Style & Models Portrait Photography by Darren Kennedy, Offaly

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Style & Models Portrait Photography by Darren Kennedy, Offaly

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Belmont, BirrAbout Darren

Photography has been my passion since a young age, and I am lucky enough today to be able to do it as a professional career. I am a member of the Photography Association of Ireland and have won a number of awards for my photography.

As a photographer, I specialize in portraits. I believe portraits are such a wonderful opportunity to capture someone’s personality or the joy of a special moment. If you’re looking for an individual or family portrait, I would love to work with you. I also offer special event portraiture for engagements, weddings, first communion, birthdays, or graduation. My approach is personal. I take the time to make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable, because that’s when we can capture genuine photos. Depending on the occasion, I provide props and carefully choose the setting to capture just the right feeling.

I also offer event photography, promotional food photography, and photo booths for special events. My attention to detail comes through in every stage of a job, from staging photos to editing the final images. I put my passion for photography into every project, so my clients end up with results they love.

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By investing in the talent and expertise of an IPPVA photographer or videographer you are insuring that careful planning goes into unobtrusively capturing the key moments, people and atmosphere of your big day.

When you engage the services of an IPPVA photographer or videographer you will be working with someone who upholds the strictest professional standards, who deals fairly and honestly with you, and who strives to create images that you will cherish for years to come.